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Monday, August 1, 2011

Mental Freedom


For my summer reading assignment I had to read the book ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST by Ken Kesley. As I was reading, I was disturbed by the fact that the patients were being forced to conform to society in ways that would shock you. I was quite amazed that patients were subjected to brain surgeries and painful electro shock therapy in order to "sooth" their behavior. I was angered that as a modern, intelligent people; we could treat our fellow man in such a disturbing way. The greatest gift ever given to man is free will and the power to use it. We as a society pray on the week or the non-conformists; this is neither fair or right. Every citizen of the United States of America has rights; that includes the mentally ill and the people serving time in jail. There is no easy way to fix the problems of disturbed people living in asylums; however taking away what makes them human and individual to keep them in line with society, is the worst act possible. Now, granted this story takes place in the 1960's when operating on the brain to "fix" a mental illness was common practice; but that does not justify the practice in any way. The people of that day have some of the same values we have now. We know for a fact that that society was not barbaric; however these atrocities still occurred. If society spent half the time rehabilitating prisoners than they do locking them up; the USA would be a better, safer place for everyone. The mentally ill do not deserve to be locked away because they can't conform to society. What makes a person mentally ill; and who are we to say that they are not the enlightened ones? The fact is if someone is deemed dangerous than people don't want that person walking the streets; maybe it's society that's more deadly to the human mind than any other source. We are taught to be individuals, yet we sometimes have a hive mind mentality. A mentality to root out any dangerous behavior. The same way the head nurse of the asylum worked her patients to solve their problems in a way that was best accepted in society of the time. The meaning of being human is freedom; no where are more free than in our mind; and to lose that god given freedom is worse than death.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Perspective... The road Less Traveled....

Quote of the Day

"...An Eye for An Eye MAkes Us All Blind..."


Peace; a simple word that people seem to go crazy over. What does Peace truly mean; no war; no hate? In some ways thats true, but peace in perspective has never been tried. If nobody lives in fear and violence than it sounds great. However in peace how do we solve conflict, well it's easy, you can't. In peace there is no violence, however human emotion is incapable of no conflict. So rather than peace how about no weapons. Well that also sounds good as well, but if government gives up its weapons and the people give up their weapons than everybody's happy right? Wrong, without a way to insure that violence does not occur, threats of other violence are needed. This has been the case since the dawn of civilization crime leads to punishment. Recently I have seen how this dose not always work. Instead of punishment; rehabilitation sounds like the smarter solution. Education is the master of peace; if people are educated and taken care of their should be no threat of violence. In order to have "Peace" society must be willing to change and develop. Just taking away the weapons dose not cure the solution. People have to view conflict as a thing that must be changed. Even sports can be thought of as violent, however if people focus their violent nature on things like sport the world would be a safer place. Humans must also learn to trust; mistrust is the opposite and what our violent nature feeds off of. Mistrust and not understanding are what cause conflict to begin.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Whats my problem?

Growing up I was given much freedom of opinion. I was shaped in part by my parents ideals and in turn they were shaped by there parents. However I have been recently thinking about values and I find myself at a total loss for words. I have no idea what to be or how to be, but I find myself leaning toward a peace of me that says..."WHO CARES???" Why should I or anybody else care about what society and other people think. Why do people insist in fitting into a picturesque idea of what a perfect person is or does. Hey if that works for you than thats your opinion. If you want to wast your time trying to be something you truly are not, theres not a thing I can do about that. I, on the other hand, don't want to be in this picture. So if you ask we what my problem is, well thats easy... I have an opinion and I will share it. Theres nothing wrong with acting like a sour apple some days. We all have our moments (Including myself), we have to understand that who we are is nothing to be ashamed of and we should all have an opinion and voice it. This is especially true  in situations and in places where people don't want to hear your opinion. Just remember theres nothing wrong with telling the truth, even if it hurts!


Today while watching the news I discovered how difficult it is to be an honest person in this world. Whatever happened to good always triumphs over evil. Maybe its not true, good dose not always have to win, does it ? Maybe this is something that we have created to make ourselves more comfortable with the harsh realities that the real world truly is. The "real" world is not for the fain of heart. It seems to me that the good people either become the bad people or are just swallowed up them. This has to be true because I believe all people are born clean and pure. It's society that shapes people into what they feel is the right and wrong. Hey!!! Last time I checked this is a free country and we are a free people, but look around... How free are we? If society creates the poor and the evil, how can we hate them. If society creates the hate and mistrust than we have none to blame but ourselves. Perspective is what rules society; from the economy to what food you and I  will eat for dinner is ruled by perspective. But this perspective is not our own it's our societies perspective. Just think about it and you'll start to see the silver lining.