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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Peace; a simple word that people seem to go crazy over. What does Peace truly mean; no war; no hate? In some ways thats true, but peace in perspective has never been tried. If nobody lives in fear and violence than it sounds great. However in peace how do we solve conflict, well it's easy, you can't. In peace there is no violence, however human emotion is incapable of no conflict. So rather than peace how about no weapons. Well that also sounds good as well, but if government gives up its weapons and the people give up their weapons than everybody's happy right? Wrong, without a way to insure that violence does not occur, threats of other violence are needed. This has been the case since the dawn of civilization crime leads to punishment. Recently I have seen how this dose not always work. Instead of punishment; rehabilitation sounds like the smarter solution. Education is the master of peace; if people are educated and taken care of their should be no threat of violence. In order to have "Peace" society must be willing to change and develop. Just taking away the weapons dose not cure the solution. People have to view conflict as a thing that must be changed. Even sports can be thought of as violent, however if people focus their violent nature on things like sport the world would be a safer place. Humans must also learn to trust; mistrust is the opposite and what our violent nature feeds off of. Mistrust and not understanding are what cause conflict to begin.

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